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A long time without any content yes but I have been photographing where I can.  I am out of space on my website for the moment until I can get that upgraded.  My most recent work is still on my Flickr page.  Search Flickr under People & user name MarkOM174 to get the correct page.

On Saturday 27th August 2016 I joined the Royal Photographic Society & I have recieved my Membership Pack today so I now have my Membership Card to show to prove I am a Photographer now.

I am still snapping away & particularly keen to do Portrait's among many others but I do need now to photograph a lot of subjects in quantity now to add to my portfolio.

I did have an exhibition for 4 weeks from the 19th February 2016 to 20th March 2016.  It did not work out as it should but again I was happy to have my Photograph's on public display. 

So that is that.  Like previously any more updates from me Photography speaking will be on my Flickr page until my website is redeveloped but my website remains & I am still active.

Everyone is welcome to view what I have on my website & my Flickr page when they can.

Best Wishes


New Photographs & Updates


I have just finished uploading many more Photographs in my Galleries.  There are many portrait shots I am particularly proud of.

I am also to be found now on LinkedIn & able to make use of my Flickr account again user name MarkOM174.  I am still on Google+ too.

Certain selected photo's will be on Google+ & Flickr but all of my photographs will be on my own Website.

As a member of Shutterbugs Photography Experiences Group on Flickr, my Flickr photo's may be linked to from there.  

Regardless what album on site my photo's are found on, comments are welcome.

My next challenge is to decide what out of 12 maximum I shall show on the final week of my course Week 6!

There have been so many excellent ones taken.

Best Wishes 


New Photographs


Another set of Photograph's uploaded.  This time all making use of Shutter Priority.  Yet again later as mistake by me in not changing the Picture Mode.  Regardless I wasn't expecting much but I did in my opinion come up with some real gems.

In case anyone is in doubt about what Camera to get.  In my professional opinion I simply wouldn't touch anything else than an Olympus Camera.  The Stylus 1 being the one I have, magnificent piece of kit.  

Don't forget I have a Google+ page where selected galleries are on if you are on Google+ but also that I have a Guest Book here on the website so comments are welcome.  


New Photographs

I have just finished 3:08am adding some more photo's to my site.  In fact a lot of Photo's especially from the Street Photography workshop on 8th August 2014.

Most gratifying.  I am very pleased with how many of the shots came out, some unexpectedly.

I shall be shooting some more from tomorrow Thursday 18th September 2014 so until then enjoy my new additions to my Galleries.

As ever comments welcome in the Guest Book.

Best Wishes


New Website updates


I have in last couple of days added some more Photographs to new Galleries.  I have recently done a workshop day on Street Photography.  To my surprise I have several nice ones including a couple of gems I got by accident.

I have absolute confidence in my Olympus Stylus 1 camera.  A masterpiece of design & produces excellent shots. 

I shall be adding Photographs to my Gallery pages over the next few days when I have time so keep checking back.


New Camera & New Updates

Hello!  Quite a while since my last update but 4 days ago I had saved up enough to get a new Camera.  On a portrait workshop in October 2013 my trusty old Sony Cybershot P10 only lasted 45 mins on a full charge before running out of power.  I had to use my smartophone camera afterwards.  A great camera within it's limits such as low-light & speed & focal length.

My new Camera is a Olympus Stylus 1 which only came out on the 8th January 2014.  Classed as a Compact Camera yet has many features of dSLR & CSC cameras & so compact.  Shoots RAW, 12mp, very fast, excellent in low light, EVF, & so on but look at Olympus website at 

First used on the 29th January 2014 up & including today I have shot 128 photos & 2 movies.  That is 3 days as I didn't do any shooting on the 31st January 2014.

This is the Rolls-Royce of Compact Cameras & better in many respects than many dSLR, Bridge & CSC cameras.  Only beaten naturally by an Olympus Pro OM-D E-M1, on my wish list if I need it the Stylus 1 is that good!

I will have plenty of photographs to upload in the coming days.  I haven't been at all well but I am right back into discovering why I love Photography with new Camera.  Takes my mind off other things except whom & what is important to me.

The best Camera is the Camera you will always have with you & that Camera now is the Olympus Stylus 1.

I am stil very keen to do more Portrait Photography so if interested do get in touch. 

Since it is 2014 I wish everyone reading this a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.


New Photos added


I have not added some more photos to my site.  There is also an album of a Photo walk I did on my Google+ page using only my Smartphone camera.  Enjoy my new Photographs.  I am still keen for portrait work so if anyone wants one done do get in contact. 

New Year 2013 & Website Updates


Some time without any updates but I now have some more pictures in my Gallery.  I also have a profile on Digital Photographer where I will be uploading selected photo's of mine. 

Best Wishes


New Website updates


A dozen new photo's added today & if anyone uses Google + I am also to be found on there too.

I have also opened a gallery on Digital Photographer & some of my photo's will also be found on there too.

Do take note that my fee's have changed but again any queries do email me.  I can do special rates on request.



New Website Updates


New updates today with a new Terms & Conditions page added & some updates on my main page regarding my fees.

New content to be coming soon for the Gallery.



New website updates


Since the start of May 2012 I have been attending a creative course at the Bristol Folk House, Photography; Developing your Eye, the main thing is that it is all practical with 5 set assignments & certainly has given me ideas for other assignments.

My pictures from these I will be uploading as well as some others I have taken.

Now in order to develop myself further in Portrait Photography.  I have now worked out I can do Portrait sittings at £20 per session, this normally includes one print to 7x5 print to keep, framed if you wish.  Please bear in mind this will usually be outdoors on location as I have no studio & if you want a larger print up to A4 pricing is on request.

A new addition to my site for the above is a terms & conditions page which will be available permanently to view this spells out what a client needs to know when employing me.

So after all that, the weather is variable again this time of year but a good time for Photography.

New website updates.

Hello today I have uploaded 3 new shots not taken by my camera but by my phone.  Comments welcome.

New Updates

Hello.  I have been a long time between updates due to my time being taken up with other matters but I will now be adding a number of new pictures to my Gallery.  These include some new Landscape shots & my pictures taken while on a break in Torquay in the summer.  I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas & will have a Happy New Year.


Model wanted for experimental portrait shoot

Hello I am now looking to expand my portfolio.

While my gallery at present features local landscape photography I am also keen on portrait photography of which I have done several portraits but only of family & friends.

So I am now looking for a Female Model to pose for portrait photography on a Time For Print basis.

I require the following: -

Model must be aged 18 years & up & preferably in Bristol or nearby.

Model must also be registered with a known model agency (for example & most importantly supply references from that agency.

I have no particular preference regarding the likes of hair colour, height etc. I must point out that I require the model to be flexible as I have no fixed plan for this shoot since I intend it to be experimental.

The model gets a number of portraits for her portfolio as do I & the chance to practice various photographic techniques.

Please be aware that as I have no studio, the shoot itself will simply be in a outdoor location, the most likely place being Ashton Park but I am familiar with other areas. Given that as I write this the weather is like Winter despite the seasons coming into Spring, please dress accordingly.

Naturally release forms will have to be signed & I will reiterate I am simply offering my time on an experimental outdoor shoot on a Time For Print basis. No monetary reward is given or implied.

Now that you have read all that. The successful model goes home with a framed portrait, I get more pictures for my portfolio.

Please contact me via my email address

I do require references so do mention them when contacting me. All that remains is for me to say I look forward to hearing from you.


Updates for the New Year

Hello & a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone.  I have just made some more updates to my website including adding a latest picture gallery.  Stay tuned for some more updates in the near future.

Website gallery finished

I have now finished my photo gallery & have intially uploaded 12 landscape photos I have took with notes.  Do have a look & leave comments on the Guest Book page please.  As an aside I can throughly recommend Mr Site Takeaway v2, I have found it so easy to use to get a smart looking website up & running.  It's now 8:54pm & I am calling it a day on Website maintainance.

Woodland Photography website up & running!

Hello!  I now have my website up & running from 1:42am Thursday 16th December 2010.  I do have considerable work to do on this site, so bear with me.  I have as I write this added a gallery, blog, guest book & some tidying up since it went up this morning.
I hope you enjoy my initial pictures on display & please leave your feedback in my Guest Book.
In the meantime keep viewing for more updates.


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